Re: porting GnuPG to PPC {Re: Computing big numbers}

ink wrote:

"Tom St Denis" wrote

cryptonom wrote:

Do you still not realise how loudly you are tooting your own horn?

Volunteers, who do their work quietly, are in it to help people;
as compared to those go on & on about how great they are for their
free contributions (obviously hoping to draw attention to themselves).

There is a world of difference between philanthropy and narcissism.

Any volunteer who is publicly outed as an egotistical jerk will probably try to defend themselves. I dunno, we could fly to Orleans and call the red cross volunteers "attention whores" and see how well that works!

I only started talking about my shit in this thread after someone else
[Ink] brought it up and then you suggested that was my pseudonym trying
to get attention.


Sheesh, I shouldn't have mentioned it, should I? Sorry for getting you into "trouble", Tom...

btw, Tom and I are vastly different people. He lives in Canada (right?), and I'm Swiss - means, my French is probably slightly better ;-) (wink wink, nudge nudge). Furthermore, he knows a lot about crypto, and I'm just an interested lurker. But I *have* used his libs in my time as a systems developer, and they're good. Won't say more.

Let's get back to the more interesting topics already.


Tom gets his own self in "trouble" by treating people like trash, all the while taking the attitude that he is somehow better than the others in this group. He even stated so directly.