Re: porting GnuPG to PPC {Re: Computing big numbers}

Tom St Denis wrote:
cryptonom wrote:

Do you still not realise how loudly you are tooting your own horn?

Volunteers, who do their work quietly, are in it to help people;
as compared to those go on & on about how great they are for their
free contributions (obviously hoping to draw attention to themselves).

There is a world of difference between philanthropy and narcissism.

Any volunteer who is publicly outed as an egotistical jerk will
probably try to defend themselves.  I dunno, we could fly to Orleans
and call the red cross volunteers "attention whores" and see how well
that works!

I only started talking about my shit in this thread after someone else
[Ink] brought it up and then you suggested that was my pseudonym trying
to get attention.  I'm sorry if I'm not going to roll over and play
dead at EVERY SINGLE ASSHAT who decides they want to take a shot at me.

So my "horn tooting" is just to out you as a non-contributing player


The Red Cross volunteers do not write their own first names on the outside of every ambulance. Nor do they take an opportunity to point out the work they are doing in every news report about New Orleans. Instead, they work quietly in the background, helping others while refraining from shouting how great they are for giving that help.

And again you resort to name-calling (e.g. "asshat", whatever
that is) instead of realising the difference between a philantropist
and a narcissist.

As far as "outing" me as a "non-contributing player hater", think
again about your statement that I'm not good enough to use your
libraries.  Who is delivering the hate here?  I was intending to
use your ever-so wonderful work, but your attitude has driven me
away from it.  That, coupled with the fact the GnuPG is more
widely used and more widely accepted than your TOMlibs, and the
authors are more friendly and communicative.