Re: Simple Python elliptic curves and ECDSA

Peter Pearson wrote:
> For study, I've implemented ECDSA in Python, and made
> that and the underlying elliptic-curve module available
> without restriction. For simplicity, only curves over
> GF(p) are implemented, those being the curves blessed
> by NSA's "Suite B" announcement. Also for simplicity,
> I omitted everything having to do with curve generation,
> since one can simply use guaranteed-good curves
> published by NIST. I chose readability and clean
> interfaces over speed, so you wouldn't want to build
> a system around this code, but it might have
> educational value, particularly showing the joys of
> working in a group where every element (but one) has
> a known, huge order.



Interesting how clean cut the code is. Python certainly looks like a
language I should go out and learn one days ... hehehe