Re: More perspective, factoring

Ben Livengood wrote:
> > And they were going to let me do it, and post it out on some freaking
> > newsgroup so that anyone could run wild over the world's networks.
> >
> > They were going to let me end the world as we know it.
> >
> > Such petty people.
> >
> >
> > James Harris
> Tune in next week to see if the world as we know it will be saved by
> JSH's brave refusal to post a working factoring algorithm!

The story here is very hard to believe. But that's why you're supposed
to rely on mathematics.

People do the damndest things. With mathematical proof that the theory
of ideals does not work, there is a lot of motivation for strange

Hell, a math journal already keeled over and died. That just doesn't
happen every day.

I have mathematical proof. That proof has clear predictions, and it
just so happens that some of those predictions are testable, so I use
the testable predictions to support the proof.

That's not supposed to be necessary with mathematicians, but it's
necessary here because the mathematics shows that some mathematical
ideas long thought to be correct are wrong.

As I've tried to figure out a way to get top mathematicians to tell the
truth, I've used different ways, and one was to see if fear that I'd
solve the factoring problem to force the issue would do it.

It didn't. I think I'll let the subject of the factoring problem drop
to focus on the clear predictions of my correct mathematical theory,
and emphasize that the integers do not lie.

The key point here is that the algebra that I use just doesn't care if
a number is rational or not, which is why I can demonstrate it:

a^3 + 3(-1+xf^2)a^2 - f^2(x^3 f^4 - 3x^2 f^2 + 3x) = 0

Check it and see.

If you want more theory, check my blog. If you want to know how I got
that expression, well that's a longer story, and right now, I have to
keep things simple.

James Harris


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