Re: Where is Tom?

This is all so over-exaggerated.  Please all, get a grip.

Terms like "coward" are not appropriate or even accurate - is there anything called "bravery" on Usenet? Can you get a CMOH or VC for "brave" posting?

If someone pisses you off because they are aggressive in a post then *tell them*. If they crush an interesting thread then *tell them*. If they were trying to bully, then they have been publicly rebuked and the unpleasantness has some chance of being moderated in future.

Alternatively they may not have even been aware of doing it, so telling them helps them, and improves the flavor of the group.

Does anyone is the irony in bitching' behind someones back and calling that someone cowardly?

For best news group:
- voice complaints Immediately  and in appropriate terms
- forget or forgive quickly

I for one would love to see more from BG, DW, GR etc and maybe one day the return of BS - they all have so much to teach.

I might also suggest an informal micro-mentoring mentality. Recently someone posted a bad stream cipher based on a long period LCG. I can't imagine that it would take more than a couple e-mails / posts to teach why this wont work.

There was a sociologist report into Usenet and Sci.crypt was one group studied and it came out very poorly as a teaching or supportive group.

We can do better