Re: Where is Tom?

On Fri, 2 Dec 2005 17:48:05 -0500, Ari Silverstein
<abcarisilversteinn@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>On Fri, 02 Dec 2005 10:23:15 -0800, herald wrote:
>> I can tell you that, for me, sci.crypt is more enjoyable when he is
>> not beating up on people or crowing about how great he is.
>And herein lies the key, you're enjoyability. Ok, Tom's a tool, Usenet is
>full of them. Practice ignoring him, use your killfile, etc.
>When you go to a party, there is usually a buffoon or six. They're loud,
>self proclaiming, there Tom. So what? Are you going to let them kill your
>fun? Are you going to let them get in the way of your learning (from
>discussion with the other partygoers)?
>If so, then you're at the wrong party. Same with Usenet.

I'm going to assume you mean well, so I'll appreciate your attempt to
put what you thought I was saying into perspective.

I've used killfiles (and for about 18 months had Tom killfiled) and it
did attenuate his many many posts.

The problem was I was following threads he was crushing and so I got
the requisite meanness, although in an indirect way.

Look man, I'm not precious and I can handle harshness. In his case it
is more than that.

I put it to you that I believe he has chased away really good
discussions on MANY MANY MANY occasions due to the fact that the
participants didn't feel like weathering all his BS and I feel cheated
to some degree with what we could have had but didn't have all because
some mal-adjusted psycho-ego punk-ass beeyotch with an incredibly
over-inflated concept of his self-importance decides to just grind
away on good crypto folks with no concern about how high he ratchets
up the ugliness. He just keeps going until they walk away.

He has single-handedly stopped hundreds of discussions before they
even got going because the OP figures "hey, I came here to discuss
some good stuff, but if I have to deal with this guy's ugliness, I'm
going to bail because it isn't worth the aggravation".

So my motives are not all unselfish. I'm tired of that yapping idiot
chasing away good stuff.

It is true that I'm tired of seeing him insult people like Dr.
Gladman, who, it is very evident can take care of himself when he
wants to go on the offensive.

But why the hell should Gladman have to spend his time and energy
putting the smackdown on that pissant? he has a lot of knowledge and
is a naturally gracious person.

I would MUCH rather here what Gladman has to say without him having to
stop after virtually EVERY sentence to respond to insults hurled from
a coward.

I think there are a LOT of folks here who maybe feel the same way.

So if I'm speaking for them that's OK, but first and foremost I'm
speaking for myself.

There's never been four weeks of peace from that wingnut in this

I *like* coming to the group and seeing a discussion of a group of the
heavyweights without the yapping punk.

I learn more. Its a good thing. And now that I've experienced it, I
want it to continue.

Your mileage may vary.