Re: Where is Tom?

On Fri, 02 Dec 2005 10:23:15 -0800, herald wrote:

> I can tell you that, for me, sci.crypt is more enjoyable when he is
> not beating up on people or crowing about how great he is.

And herein lies the key, you're enjoyability. Ok, Tom's a tool, Usenet is
full of them. Practice ignoring him, use your killfile, etc.

When you go to a party, there is usually a buffoon or six. They're loud,
self proclaiming, there Tom. So what? Are you going to let them kill your
fun? Are you going to let them get in the way of your learning (from
discussion with the other partygoers)?

If so, then you're at the wrong party. Same with Usenet.
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