A Question to Classify the Reader.

From: Douglas Eagleson (eaglesondouglas_at_yahoo.com)
Date: 11/02/05

Date: 1 Nov 2005 16:23:45 -0800

A simple test question to determine the abstraction ability of the
answerer. Abstraction without relation to the symbol denoting it is a
real necessary thinker ability. So this test question will determine
the intelligence of the answerer.

"A test. And the answer becomes?"

And here is the common implied subject of abstract usage. And the
answer from the predicate thinker is always a certain class.

And the answer is almost self evident to the abstracting reader. Now
to pretent is the crutch of the symbol. And the relation as the
subject is always cognated by the disciplined thinker. Making this
common theorm incapble of being answered correctly by the crutch user.

So believe it. Certain responders fall into this class of so called
genius. And when they display uncommon arrogence they self define.

I personnal would worry about any product such a genius produces
because they will crash the aircraft through genius design and claim
the fault was the condition not the implication of its existence.

Douglas Eagleson
Gaithersburg, MD USA