Re: TDES crypto accelerator coprocessor 192bit

From: David Eather (
Date: 10/21/05

Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 21:30:36 +1000 wrote:
> CRYPTO wrote:
>> Some new semiconductor products are available for electronic
>> designers. TDES ( 3DES ) 192 bit cryptographic accelerator for 8bit,
>> 16bit and 32bit processors from ATMEL AVR , 80C51 to the ARM.
> A new 3DES engine? That only clocks in at 75Mhz? In 2005?
> I don't know how long the coma you've been in has lasted but if you're
> not pushing gigabit throughput what's the point?

What's the point of a gigabit throughput if the end device can cope with

You advertise a
> 192-bit key engine but it only mentions DES ... DES is usually thought
> of as having [in 3 key mode] roughly 112 bits of security.

But it does have a key length of 192-bits, counting parity, which is what
the site displays.

There is a relationship between speed and power consumption (and a few other
things relating to ease of use).

The criticisms are a bit tough. I will have to quote Australia's great
Prime Minister to you,

"ahh, unfair, prickly-pear!"

> Talk about a flawed company ;-)
> Tom