Re: The importance of IVs
Date: 08/30/05

Date: 29 Aug 2005 17:06:19 -0700

Regis wrote:
> >There were no minor placings.
> No minor placings in the sense that the non-winners didn't receive any
> prizes of any kind.

Winners didn't receive prizes either.

And people still use Twofish/Serpent/etc...

> >Lots of people have their opinions, but according to NIST,
> >Rijndael won, the other four were equal second. (I agree
> >with your order, personally, but it has nothing to
> >do with reality.)
> The order I listed was based entirely on reality. It wasn't just
> something I made up.
> The AES competition was decided by a voting process. A total of 215
> votes were cast (all of them from non-NIST personnel).
> The votes were as follows:
> 1st place: Rijndael with 86 votes
> 2nd place: Serpent with 59 votes
> 3rd place: Twofish with 31 votes
> 4th place: RC6 with 23 votes
> 5th place: MARS with 13 votes

You're taking this out of context. There is a difference between
places and tallies. That's how the voting came out. But there is no
"2nd place cipher". They all lost except for Rijndael. Find me in the
AES spec where it mentions Serpent is the 2nd place design.


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