Re: Fast implementation of AES, Rijndael

From: Stian Karlsen (
Date: 08/29/05

Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005 09:53:14 +0200

Regis wrote:
> On 23 Aug 2005 05:43:24 -0700, wrote:
>>Ever try a google search? [see Regis, this is easy to find on the web,
>>hence I ask why they didn't use google].
> Yes, and in this particular case it's perfectly valid to tell him to
> search, because his question stems from pure laziness.
> But don't go thinking that his question is on par with that of others
> that have been asked here. Searching for a crypto library is a
> thousand times easier than searching for some
> precise/detailed/technical information relating to one specific branch
> of cryptography.
> Just like searching for "what movie did Brat Pitt last star in?" is a
> thousand times easier to find the answer to than "what did Bratt Pitt
> have for breakfast yesterday morning?"
Well... I guess I can understand that you claim that my question stems
from pure laziness..
Of course I've tried to Google for it!! Acctually I've spent a really
long time googling without finding the exact thing I'm looking for. So I
"Parhaps somebody else has a suggestion about good libraries they've
used etc.. Isn't that what the forums and newsgroups is all about?!
Sharing! - hmm - lets ask."
But I guess I were wrong.. Or?