Re: The importance of IVs

From: Regis (
Date: 08/29/05

Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 20:46:36 -0400

On 28 Aug 2005 12:03:03 -0700, "mobius30" <>

>New question: Has anyone heard of (or used) DCPcrypt (v2 Beta 3)?

Yup...I've worked with it.
There are several things about it that I like...and a few that I
don't. But my biggest problem with it was the fact that I couldn't
reproduce the test vectors, no matter how many different ways I tried
going about it.

I thought about contacting the author...but in the end couldn't be
bothered. I figured there's no good reason why users should have to
hound the author into fixing his product. If it doesn't work properly
when you download it, move on to the next one.

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