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From: Gregory G Rose (
Date: 08/27/05

Date: 26 Aug 2005 15:56:34 -0700

In article <LFMPe.3485$>,
John E. Hadstate <> wrote:
>"Douglas A. Gwyn" <> wrote in message
>> "Tom St.Denis" wrote:
>The headers for these posts indicate an NNTP posting host of
> (Hicksville, NY).
>The posting host from messages that I believe are really
>Tom's is (Ottawa) or (Toronto)
>I don't remember Tom ever signing his posts.

Irrelevant, as the signature is malformed data,
even if you put it back together properly to check

To me, there was one huge giveaway:
  "... as we have done in Iraq..."
Tom would never include himself or his country
among the invaders of Iraq.

Anyway, I agree with the conclusion that the
supposed Tom post is a forgery.



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