Re: Nocona [Intel 64-bit cpu timing]
Date: 08/26/05

Date: 25 Aug 2005 18:42:37 -0700

Paul Rubin wrote:
> Yeah, but right now the max freq of the P4 is such that it can run
> more mips than the max freq'd PM. That's at a horrendous cost in power
> consumption, but there are users who don't care about that.

I don't quite follow you. Sure the P4 can run at a higher clockrate
than the PM. So what? It's instructions per cycle [IPC] count is much

> > For most purposes you spend 95% of the time within a small pocket of
> > memory.
> However, 95% of users don't use these high-end P4's. They are
> targeted among other things at apps like big database servers, which
> are precisely the 5% of purposes that are extremely ram intensive.

So strap an 8GiB/sec bus on the PM and call it a day :-). A read from
the P4 L1 takes 3 cycles, at 3.8Ghz that's [say SSE2 reads]
19.327GiB/sec max. If your main memory peaks at 4GiB/sec then what's
the point? Furthermore if your storage peaks at <500MiB/sec then
you're really wasting power.

> > If you want a shell ... all you have to do is ask.
> I may take you up on that for experimental/testing purposes, but by
> "hosted" I mean running cpu-hogging production apps 24/7 using tons of
> internet bandwidth. I don't think you're in a position to offer that
> ;-).

Well on the Intel boxes you can hog time. On the AMD64 you'll have to
let me know before you run anything intense. As for the bandwidth...
nope, just a cable modem. All three boxes have 1GiB of memory so
they're not exactly a "super computer cluster". But if you want to
benchmark algorithms or whatever they're perfectly fine.

If your intention is to test something like a web application then your
SOL as I don't run web servers locally at all.

Anyways, let me know if your interested via private email and I'll set
you up with an account. Fairly simple standing rules: Don't fill the
HD and don't make the machine blow up. :-)

> > Good call. Wait for a dual-core turion? hehehehe..
> Nah, for a laptop I don't much care about dual core.