Re: Theoretical limits for password length

From: Gregory G Rose (
Date: 08/25/05

Date: 25 Aug 2005 11:17:07 -0700

In article <dej8q5$2mrm$>,
David Wagner <> wrote:
>Milan VXdgsvt wrote:
>>Let's have a perfect block cipher, with blocks of length N. The cipher
>>has a password of length P. An attacker gets to know K adjacent blocks
>>of plaintext-ciphertext, and has virtually unlimited computing power,
>>enabling a brute search of all passwords.
>>The question is, is there a cipher such that the attacker needs much
>>more than just P/N blocks?
>Short answer: No.
>Slightly longer answer: Once the entropy in the plaintext exceeds
>the entropy in the password, you're screwed.

ITYM "once the *redundancy* in the plaintext
exceeds the entropy in the password...".


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