Re: My my, how time flies ...... it's been about "1 hour" -- anyone cracked CryptoSMS yet?

From: \ (
Date: 08/25/05

Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 09:48:23 -0600

Joe Peschel wrote:
> " \"- Prof. Jonezę\"" <> wrote in
> news:%J6Pe.46$
> > Joe Peschel wrote:
> > > " \"- Prof. Jonezę\"" <> wrote in
> > > news:7r6Pe.42$
> > >
> > > > Well, it's been about "1 hour" since...
> > >
> > > Has Crypto@S.M.S posted the source code, yet?
> >
> > Funny, Joe Ashwood didn't mention anything
> > about needing any "source code" to crack the messages.
> >
> No, but I did. And if Crypto@SMS provided an executable (not one that
> uses only a short key, but the real thing) that runs on a PC would be
> good, too. Let's see how uncrackable CryptoSMS really is.

What makes you think any attacker would have the source code
of any given encryption program to work with?

> Did you notice that Crypto@S.M.S has not agreed to post the source
> code, yet?

Did you notice it's been more than "1 hour" since Blowhard Joe Asswood
shot off his pompous piehole?

> J

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