Re: My my, how time flies ...... it's been about "1 hour" -- anyone cracked CryptoSMS yet?

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Date: 08/25/05

Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 16:43:06 -0600

Joe Peschel wrote:
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> > Well, it's been about "1 hour" since...
> Has Crypto@S.M.S posted the source code, yet?

Funny, Joe the Blow Asswood didn't mention anything
about needing any "source code" to crack the messages.

From: "Joseph Ashwood" <>
Subject: Re: crypto sms
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Certainly. Assuming a common passphrase length of around 20 characters, and
assuming it is English, this will have 20-30 bits of entropy, MD5 will be
enough to uniquely identify each of these, and MD5 can be effectively
reversed under these circumstances in under 1 hour. This will yield the
entire original passphrase, leading immediately to a complete compromise. So
1 hour.

> J