gpg vs aespipe (linux)

From: BM (me_at_my.home)
Date: 08/24/05

Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 21:03:31 +0200

I'm checking the efficiency of gpg and aespipe when doing, seemingly, the
same task. I use gpg 1.2.4 from the distro and aespipe 2.2d compiled from
source. That's what I get when I repeat several times and in different
order the following ("100MB" is a file of that size)

$time gpg -z 0 -c --cipher-algo aes256 --passphrase-fd 3 3< pass < 100MB > /dev/null
4.90user 0.06system 0:04.96elapsed 99%CPU

$time aespipe -e aes256 -H sha512 -p 3 3< pass < 100MB > /dev/null
1.67user 0.04system 0:01.71elapsed 99%CPU

You see that aespipe is three times faster than gpg. [Although times are
small, I think they are meaningful] So my questions are: are they really
doing the same thing? Is just that aespipe is more efficiently coded? Is
the encrypted data equally secure?

Thank you for the answers