Re: md5 collisions and speeding tickets

From: Mxsmanic (
Date: 08/22/05

Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 20:08:37 +0200

Unruh writes:

> They can for example put a lien on your house or car, making it
> impossible for you to sell, until You take him to court and get the lien
> lifted.

That's not quite the way it works. The mill of justice grinds slowly,
but it grinds exceedingly fine.

> You had better be aware that if the seal on the bottle is broken you do
> not take the pills or you could die.

That has nothing to do with the pharmacology of the drug.

> YOu had better be aware that if you
> are under 16 and take asperin for fever you could die.

The risk of dying from a normal therapeutic dose of aspirin is
extremely low, at any age.

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