Re: Sign On Authentication

From: Volker Birk (
Date: 08/16/05

Date: 16 Aug 2005 06:26:53 +0200

In Barry Margolin <> wrote:
> > Is there a way to automatically authenticate a user, not the user's
> > computer, when he logs in to a website? The reason for this is to validate
> > that a multiple choice test that is taken was performed by Bob X and not by
> > Charles Y in a distance learning application.
> Isn't this normally done with a username and password prompt? It can be
> improved with token-based authentication like SecurID or Defender.

No, it isn't.

Every user, who has the security token, can log in.

Passwords (and any other security token) are only working, if the user
who owns the password has no interest to share it.

In such a test, i.e. the contestant could let anybody "help" him by using
a VNC server on her/his machine.



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