Re: Big Prime number prolem.

From: Bryan Olson (
Date: 08/11/05

Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 13:58:15 GMT

Autumn-Fox wrote:
> BigInteger only supports for isProbablePrime(). I need numbers are real
> prime numbers. These numbers are crucial, and should be prime

The probabilistic method returns real prime numbers exactly.
They are fine for crucial applications.

If you really want find provable primes, I disagree with other
responders' recommendations of RKS and ECPP. Those algorithms can
test whether an arbitrary number is prime, but you don't need to
do that; you can construct cypto-quality provable primes much
more efficiently. See Mauerer's algorithm, which you can find in
HAC 4.4.4. You can get HAC (in electronic form for free) at: