Re: Using The Internet To Store Data

From: Richard Herring (junk_at_[
Date: 08/10/05

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    Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 17:07:44 +0100

    In message <1123688789.d8d2add75f79ae92c047100ea3696267@teranews>, Jan
    Panteltje <> writes
    >On a sunny day (Wed, 10 Aug 2005 15:56:07 +0100) it happened Richard Herring
    ><junk@[]> wrote in <>:
    >>In message <1123684878.fc240c27e0ddca825ffa6c07f8d149b0@teranews>, Jan
    >>Panteltje <> writes
    >>>On a sunny day (10 Aug 2005 06:49:35 -0700) it happened
    >>> wrote in
    >>>>Andrew Swallow wrote:
    >>>>> Alan Connor wrote:
    >>>>> > On alt.privacy.anon-server, in
    >>>>> ><pcdKe.3823$>, "Alan Connor"
    >>>>> >
    >>>>> [snip]
    >>>>> > Posting from google is for clueless windoze-weenies playing
    >>>>> > with their Mommy's computer.
    >>>>> >
    >>>>> > Because they usually post from somewhere else and are trying
    >>>>> > to evade my killfile?
    >>>>> AOL decided to "improve" the service it gives its customers. It stopped
    >>>>> them accessing internet Newsgroups, except those AOL is the monopoly
    >>>>> supplier of.
    >>>>> Knowledgeable AOL users who wish to overcome its maliciously unfit for
    >>>>> purpose product can do so by reading and writing through Google Groups.
    >>>>(Careful with that logical argument - you're setting yourself up for a
    >>>>punishment killfiling ;-( )
    >>>>Some posters are compelled to use servers which drop anything
    >>>>crossposted to groups they don't carry. Using Google as I'm doing now
    >>>>is the only way to post to such threads.
    >>>>Some posters are behind corporate firewalls which insert nonsensical
    >>>>disclaimers in outgoing emails, imposing impossible conditions on the
    >>>>moderators of moderated groups. Again, using Google is the only way
    >>>>under those circumstances to post to such groups.
    >>>>From experience:
    >>Fine if you can do it. Which parts of "compelled" and "firewall" did you

    >What part of networks do you not understand?
    >New to Usenet?

    Hardly ;-)

    >Read up on networking!

    *You'd* do better to read up on phrases like "corporate security
    policy", with particular attention to "disciplinary offence" and
    "instant dismissal".

    >Why not set up a small relay? Perhaps at home?

    Technical solution to a social problem. Rarely satisfactory.

    >Firewalls burn very well.

    So do those who are logged trying to break them.

    Richard Herring

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