Re: Using The Internet To Store Data

From: Alan Connor (zzzzzz_at_xxx.invalid)
Date: 08/10/05

Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 01:59:49 GMT

On alt.privacy.anon-server, in
<>, "(PeteCresswell)"

> Per Galicean:
>>Comments appreciated
> Sounds like spam may be about to slip down to the #2 problem
> for ISPs.

No kidding, Pete. I know a little bit about the TCP/IP protocol,
and that scheme does sound feasible.

It also sounds fairly easy to defeat. Packets with the sort of
addressing/flags that would have to be involved would simply be
dumped (if they aren't already).It wouldn't take a lot of massive
data losses to convince the people trying to do this to look

I think the OP is just speculating. His/her/its post was
obviously very carefully prepared and edited. It wasn't
off-the-cuff. The absence of links is telling.


Note: Posts from anonumous sources go unread here. Yes, I can
read the headers without openning the body. A single keystroke
is all it takes. Everyone is anonymous on the Usenet unless
proven otherwise via independent corroboration. I don't want
to hear from people too stupid to realize that.

Do they honestly believe my name is "Alan Connor"? On what
basis? Anyone can put whatever they want in the From line.
Is the person that the Earthlink account I am using belongs
to me? On what basis would anyone assume that? How do they
know I'm not logging into the computer this seems to be
originating from, from halfway around the world. Or just
sending it files and remote commands through a chain of
private shell accounts? They don't.

Nor can they find out. I'm just as anonymous as they are.
Maybe more so, if any of the above are true.


alanconnor AT
earthlink DOT net. Use your real return
address or I'll never know you even tried
to mail me.