Re: TFM + RSA + Dual Core :-)

Date: 08/07/05

Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2005 08:18:32 +1000

Tom St Denis wrote:
> Cry...@S.M.S wrote:
>>Tom St Denis wrote:
>>>Because I wanted my 5 seconds of gloating
>> >
>>A fairly regular occurence.
> Yeah, because I accomplish POSITIVE things. I have way more users of
> my PUBLIC DOMAIN and totally FREE software/tools/documentation then you
> have of your multi-ciphering annoyance. So every so often when I come
> up with a result I feel like sharing I'd like to either be totally
> ignored or have my 5 seconds of fame.

And how do you know that?
Once again, you blow your own horn too loudly.

> And of course I could point out that the other guys comments are both
> unsubstantiated AND off topic. The topic of this thread is using "off
> the shelf" components and in particular SMP to accomplish fast RSA.

Sure point it out. My comment wasn't on topic for this thread either,
like that matters even a tiny little bit.

> Using a setup that has a higher cost can get more performance? No way!
> Shocker! If I had 30k I could license one of the designs I work on at
> my work and get way higher performance. So I don't see what his
> comments have to do with ANYTHING other than to detract from the
> thread.
> How's that for a reply?

Wonderful. Just please stop trying to make others feel that they
are not "good enough", when you complain about exactly the same thing:

    So I could really do without the people like Robert and Tim [and a
    few people on lkml] telling me to shelve my projects because I'm not
    "good enough".

                 Tom St.Denis