Re: Algorithms to generate permutations

From: Terry Ritter (
Date: 08/06/05

Date: 6 Aug 2005 14:52:33 -0700

Ben Livengood wrote:
> > First, for the US government to demand
> > release of (worldwide) rights they do not
> > grant or control is just nuts.
> Since the U.S. government (and/or lobbyists) is trying very hard to get
> software patents recognized in all countries, it makes sense to require
> that worldwide rights be given up. After all, if a European patent had
> been issued and the EU ends up voting for software patents, suddenly
> the U.S. must respect that patent on a previously unpatented algorithm.
> Requiring submissions to give up all patent rights worldwide avoids
> that problem.

So? Avoiding the problem does not make it
right. It is literally meddling in foreign
affairs, without previously having been
attacked or even threatened.

> Likewise, requiring upfront relinquishment of property rights ensures
> that no submarine patents will come around to hurt the industry after
> the standard is accepted.

Apparently you think that the government is
willing to predict future economic results in
an industry and free market which it does not
understand. And, moreover, is willing to
compromise a fair technical competition to act
on those predictions. I think that gives the
government far more credit than I expect they

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