Re: Skybuck's universal code

From: Twittering One (
Date: 08/06/05

Date: 6 Aug 2005 14:15:37 -0700

"I mention, I guess,
Only because, well, yes,
I count stars, my unique gift,

Finding light, amidst thrift ~

O look!
Flying finches!"
~ Scriber

"All aloft, adrift,
>>From yonder willow tree ~ !
Please tell me,

You do see?
Stephen Sartarelli!"
~ Twittering

Only 1?
You missed!"
~ Stephen

"Your grievance,
Or your contrivance? Or Mea Culpa?
For you, Stephen, Too ~ Long absent!"
~ Twittering

~ * ~

"I disagree with such an attitude of indifference.
I express myself

  ... just 'words' for the moment

good enough.
Is it ever good enough?"
~ Raving

"... not
That it could ever be
~ Annotater

"I have sailed over and beyond the edge of the map
and I continue

                goodbye for now, Twittering One

Look after yourself."
~ Raving

"... he'll be back later,
Twittering. Mercator, too."
~ Folly

"Me, too. Or
A game, an envelope unfolded, opened

A Stringed Octet's

Me, too.


An envelope's octet enfolded, opens

                                A Strung Octet's

                         Chanson sung?

... a String Octet's


A question."
~ Twittering


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