Re: Let us pray......

From: Timoleon (
Date: 08/04/05

Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 14:03:28 GMT wrote:
> Our President who are in Washington hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom
> come they will be done in America as we conquer Iraq and the world.
> Give us this day our daily conservatism. George W. Bush will deliver
> us from evil and lead us not into terrorism, but deliver us from the
> evils of Al Quada. For thine is our leader and our savior president
> Bush. Amen
First of all, if this is a troll masquerading as Joe Peschel, then I
apologize in advance. That being said...

Come on Joe, cut the bullshit and let's get back to crypt. If you want
to blather about politics there are plenty of more appropriate
newsgroups. Nobody here cares *what* you think of Bush, either pro or con.


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