Re: Algorithms to generate permutations

Date: 08/04/05

Date: Thu, 04 Aug 2005 19:41:12 +1000

BRG wrote:

> Crypto@S.M.S wrote:
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>>>There are a few (typically specialist) applications where this extra
>>>protection can be valuable, an example being situations where protection
>>>is needed for several decades or more.
>>CryptoSMS is one such "specialist" application.
> I took a quick look at your web pages and I don't see anything to
> suggest that CryptoSMS is a specialist application. It is a general
> purpose product that attempts to add security to SMS messaging.

It is "specialist" in that it only runs on PocketPCs and SmartPhones.

> Quite apart from the security problems raised by others, it lacks
> important characteristics that I would expect to see in a specialist
> high security product intended for such use.

What are these "important characteristics"?

Please remember that CryptoSMS has some special design considerations,
such as, not saving any key material on the host system.

>>>In consequence it is sad to see that some here who are making the case
>>>against multiple encryption in this context end up weakening their
>>>position by deploying spurious arguments.
>>Yes, these spurious arguments have been extremely weak, yet
>>the denizens of Sci.Crypt have been tolerating these thus far.
>>Thanks for coming forward to point that out.
> My view on this is that most have long since given up any interest in
> this thread since it is dominated more by 'heat' than 'light'.
> Brian Gladman

Yes I agree there is much more heat than light.