Re: Sometimes Terrorists can be Unimaginative

Date: 08/02/05

Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2005 21:55:46 +1000

Tom St Denis wrote:

> Regis wrote:
>>>So your saying the BBC, as one of the worlds most respected news
>>It's only respected by hardline left-wing nutjobs who live their lives
>>around hating America. Anybody with a working brain who can think for
>>themselves and see things objectively knows that the BBC is the most
>>anti-American news agency in the Western world. The only thing that
>>tops the BBC is al-Jazeera.
> Here's a tip [this isn't just for you].

I'll bet he won't. This is Usenet.

> This has nothing to do with sci.crypt and everything to do with
> arrogant "I know it all you must be wrong there is no grey area"
> bullshit.
> Shut up! just shut up.

Please, people can post anytime. Even you. What's wrong? Don't like
Free Peach?

> Nobody cares what tripe you can think of because your mind is so
> clamped shut that the newest information that leaked in was what the
> multiplication table was from your elementary school days.
> Christ almighty shut up.

Even Christ would not want people to shut up.

> You wanna have some stupid closeminded "fight the right" rambling
> session? Do it in email.
> Tom

No. Do it in Usenet.
Stupid closemindedness is telling people to shut up.