Josef Harne

From: Taliesin (
Date: 08/01/05

Date: 1 Aug 2005 03:34:16 -0700

hello folks out there...
I'm reading "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown right now and I found a
name I'm eager to find now...
his name is "Josef Harne" (as mentionend in the subject)...

according to the book he is/was an Hungarian mathematican who, in 1987,
was the first one to put forth a nortion of a rotating cleartext
function in one of his papers...
with that (it is said in the book) it's impossible to launch a brute
force attack due to the fact that the machine doing would never know
that it found the right key...

I've been to the library now (or better: I'm still there) but they
haven't found anything on/of him...

so I've anyone has heard anything about this guy or about anything
relating to a rotating cleartext function, please tell me... :)

with friendly greetings,