Re: Barcode Email

From: Ari Silversteinn (abcarisilverstein_at_yahoo.comxyz)
Date: 07/30/05

Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 18:14:22 -0400

On 29 Jul 2005 05:41:01 -0000, Anonymous wrote:

>> If the problem is that a Sender wants to send an email in such a form that
>> it isn't readily viewable or read until the Recipient decides so, the
>> barcode email concept works. Just because it doesn't meet your particular
>> standards does not mean it isn't viable.
> It does mean however that it's going to be short on positive
> press anytime it's mentioned around most of the people in these
> groups.

Somehow it will survive lol

Drop the alphabet for email