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Date: 07/26/05

Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 23:25:00 +0200 (CEST)

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Ari Silversteinn <abcarisilverstein@yahoo.comxyz> wrote:
> On 26 Jul 2005 16:41:34 GMT, Jean-Luc Cooke wrote:
> > If you're trying to make the point "AES alone isn't worth shit". Then
> > you'll find no greater supporter. You need a security application
> > first.
> >
> > But a security application which protects data in transit that doesn't
> > use strong encryption like AES is worth even less than shit(tm). Not
> > because of some geeky perpeller-head mantra. But because the only thing
> > worse then the lack of security is the lack of security under the
> > perception of security.
> >
> > JLC - has sold security software for a few years as well.
> And as I have said, show me a zero cost implementation and a zero overhead
> distribution, and I will implement it, why would I not.
> Until then, even though it doesn't meet *your* standards for security, The
> Program remains the same, secure to the standards of the people who will
> use it.
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this whole thread has been nagging me for quite a while now..

there was recently posted (within the last 2 months), i *think*
in alt.privacy... a page that had a web based implementation of
exactly this kind of system. it was implemented as a game.. a
toy for kids.. your text was converted to a barcode-like image,
and do decode it the image had to be uploaded back to the page.

no passphrase was used, and there was no 'encryption', only a
formula that converted text to graphic with a set procedure.

problem is that it could NOT be secure, because anybody could
read the text in an image if they could get a copy of the image
and go to the website.

Ari, it's been done, and it was a lame freebie page set up as a
kid's toy.

find a real project. offer a REAL product and you'll get
support and respect.

this thing only makes you the fool.