Barcode Email

From: Ari Silversteinn (abcarisilverstein_at_yahoo.comxyz)
Date: 07/25/05

Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 17:08:11 -0400

We have been tossing around an idea that would code email text into a
PDF417 barcode where we can stuff 8K of data. Would appreciate comments.

You type your text and a proprietary program (The Program) converts the
text into a visible barcode that is, preferably, not viewed as an
attachment (just a PGP is not seen as an attachment). Send the email and
either once received, the recipient induces the program that would
automatically decode the barcode into standard, readable text or the
barcode would self-decode. In transit, the barcode would not be readable
since it was encoded with The Program and its trade secret internal

We would wish to stay away from .exe files since many networks, ISPs and
email providers refuse to allow them.

Inside the barcode could be stenographic images as well.

If the recipient wishes, he could print and scan the barcode or even "gun"
it while displayed on the screen. Or he could download a free viewer if he
did not wish to create barcode emails.

The advantage here is that 8K of text (~ 70, 115 character lines or 115 ,
70 character lines) would be in a portable document file. That file could
become a secure credential, resume, etc and transported around with ease
and inexpense or passed through email without a great amount of overhead.

Please, take your best shots here.

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