Re: Sometimes Terrorists can be Unimaginative

From: Regis (
Date: 07/22/05

Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 18:29:08 -0400

On 21 Jul 2005 13:44:36 -0700, wrote:

>You instead drop the bombs from airplanes. And you don't even have to
>aim at >anything when a city is nuked. How civilized.

Funny, I don't recall any Muslim cities or countries being nuked.
And your analogy in comparing bombing from airplanes to flying
airplanes into buildings is absurd, and further shows your

Here's the reality: bombs dropped from airplanes are precision-guided
today. Have you seen Bhagdad lately? It's still the same city it was
before the invasion in 2003. If (as you claim) it was American policy
to blindly kill and destroy at random, then you can rest assured that
Bhagdad would've been reduced to a large pile of dust. Could you come
up with any theories as to why that didn't happen? Could it possibly
be because unlike the fanatics which you support, Americans do not
kill and destroy indiscriminately? Could it be that all those bombs
dropped from airplaines were designed to be extremely precise in where
they hit to within 98-99% accuracy. This shows that America isn't the
"evil empire" you would proclaim it to be, because as you can see, the
bombs have specific targets. They are not programmed to target
schools with children inside them, nor are they programmed to target
cafe's, or shopping malls, or hospitals.

>Why have silly rallies when you are actually killing thousands and
>thousands of Muslims.

Oh please, give it a rest already.
Here's something for you to think about -- if the goal of the evil
West was to erradicate Muslims and Islam in the world, there would be
no Muslims left in the world. Period.
The fact that you're here in this newsgroup ranting and raving just
goes to prove that everything you teach, everything you preach,
everything you do, is all based on a lie, and it's not America that is
the "Great Satan" in this world, but something much closer to home.

>Those savages were actually quite civilized if only you knew.

Oh I do know.
But the key word there is they WERE civilized.
It's a testament to what radical Islam has done for that once-thriving
civilization that they are where they are today.
A civilization that was once the leader in mathematics and science has
given way to fanaticism. Where has that gotten you? Has fanaticism
helped you in any way? No, it hasn't. All it's done is kept you
living in the stone ages.
I'm sure you're going to twist that one around too, and blame America
for that as you would everything else, but the reality is that as soon
as radical Islam began spreading through the Middle East, the entire
civilization began to fall. This happened LONG before America became
a world power. It happened long before America had any influence in
the world. It happened long before Muslims and Americans even met for
the first time. America as a country is only 229 years old. Your
part of the world went to hell long before America even existed. And
guess what -- your demise can be blamed only on yourselves, nobody

> "Freedom" and "democracy" do not mean anything if you lose your morality.

Whose definition of "morality" are we going by? Yours?
One man's morality is another man's fanaticism.
You preach morality, but you teach your children to hate from the day
they are born. Your school books are filled with hatred, and by the
time your children are old enough to walk, you've already brainwashed
them into believing that they'll go to heaven and they'll have 72
virgins waiting for them if they go out and kill the "infidels".
Tell me more about that superior morality of yours...

>"The Great Satan" you call us "The Axis of Evil". What an improvement.

Get your facts straight.
The term "Axis of Evil" was not used to describe an entire people --
it was used to describe THREE dictatorships in THREE countries in the
world (North Korea, Iran, and Iraq). All three countries were being
run by crazed fanatics who have done nothing but harm their own
citizens and create instability in the world. Now that one of those
countries has been dealt with, the Axis of Evil refers to TWO
countries. Not the people in those countries, and not Muslims,
despite the picture you would otherwise paint.
This is the complete opposite of when you cry "infidels" and "The
Great Satan" which referes to the PEOPLE rather than the governments
with which you disagree.

>Are you.

Oh believe me, I've been getting the picture long before September 11.
The only thing that troubles me is that virtually nothing has been
done to combat this fanaticism in the world as of yet, and the sad
truth is that it's going to take another major attack where many many
thousands more innocent women and children will have to die before the
world finally wakes up and sees what others have been warning against
for years.

> Do you recall a certain Rumsfeld happily dealing with Saddam
>at the time. In his worst days, Saddam was just an American stooge doing
>bad things. Now his masters have dispensed with him and are doing even
>worse things.

Doing worse things?
Give me just ONE example where "his masters" have killed 400,000
innocent men, women and children and dumped them all into mass graves.
Give me just ONE example where "his masters" have unleashed chemical
weapons on innocent men, women and children, killing many thousands in
a single afternoon.
Just one example, please.

> Here's another newsflash for you. The US has created a worldwide
> network of bases to control/steal resources especially in the Middle East; the US
>has staged coups against elected governments in the Middle East (e.g.,
>Mossadeq), the US supports that dirty puppet occupying Muslim lands; and the list
>is infinite.

Of course...blame America for everything that goes on in the world.
Never blame the people that strap bombs to their chests and blow up
children by the dozen. Never blame the people who hijack airplaines
and fly them into civilian targets. Never blame the people who
wouldn't think twice about setting off a nuclear device in the middle
of a large city and killing millions in a fraction of a second.
No...never blame anybody for anything, because America is actually to
blame for everything.

> If you do not see that you are an arrogant and unjust country
>and that the rest of the world will not take it anymore

You're right that the world will not take it for much longer -- but
you're wrong about who will be on the receiving end. Let's wait and
see, and remember that I told you so.

> your injustice will keep coming until your empire collapses
> one way or the other. Better learn from history and/or submit to God.

I rest my case.
Your fanaticism is so embedded into your mind that you no longer have
control of the ON/OFF switch...not even when you're posting in a

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