Appology from "- Prof. Jonezę" to Joe Ashwood and group - You're right and I'm wrong.

From: \ (
Date: 07/12/05

Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 00:10:04 GMT

Hey, how are ya? Listen up, OK? I'm a retarded and functionally illiterate
pinhead troll who posts inappropriately in sci.crypt all the time.

Whoa, there's a real news flash, huh?

If you can stomach it, go ahead and search my previous posts here and
elsewhere and you'll see that one of the really stupid things I do
repeatedly is to purposely misspell the name of persons in the group to
something that is off color.

It is tired, and old, and ineffective, and it is not a nice thing to do, but
those things have never mattered before, so why should I stop now, right?

I mean, why would a smelly, sh*t-for-brains troll like me ever want to just
find another way to express myself or my pitiful life? That is what trolls
do, we stink up the place.

My latest thing here is to misspell Joe Ashwood's name as Asswood. Isn't
that clever?

I mean, when I run out of beer, and have to draw a glass of my own piss (to
keep from drinking fresh spring water), and I read Joe's name as Asswood, I
start to chuckling so hard that I do a troll snort and that stale urine
shoots out my nose...

Oh man... ...good times...

So my appology is that even though I know I'm wrong to continue to post here
in the underhanded and cowardly way that I do, I'm afraid I'm too stupid to
know when to stop.

That, and the fact I'm a troll adds up to more sickening and clueless posts
from me.

So I'm sorry about that and I appologize, for what its worth.

Oh geez, I just pissed myself again.