Should be in Crypto for criminals, Re: just stupid?

From: Joseph Ashwood (
Date: 07/02/05

Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2005 10:47:59 GMT

We really should keep this subject to one thread.

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> According to many in this newsgroup, AES is the final
> word and will never be defeated. I find that hard to
> believe, in the extreme, and therefore refuse to trust
> my most important secrets to a single algorithm.
> The scientists and mathematicians have called that
> approach "snake oil" or "spray & pray", but the engineers
> know better.

That is in itself a poor observation. I have called your design snake-oil
because it shows lack of knowledge, lack of understanding, lack of
intentional design, lack of knowledge of consequences, and the complete lack
of a functioning threat model. Many of your claims are provably false; this
again immediately makes it snake-oil. Your only defense of the system has
been to not address the problems regardless of how they are stated, this
again makes it snake-oil.