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From: JiXian Yang (
Date: 05/25/05

Date: 25 May 2005 06:05:33 -0700 wrote:
> Third, why oh why doesn't Anakin see that Darth Sidius is behind his
> misfortunes?
> Tom

Obviously, Anakin didn't read some classical books that Jedi Masters
haven't teached him.

Excerpted from Chuang Tzu
based on the translation by James Legge (of 1890)

Master Chuang was (once) fishing in the river Phu, when the king of Ku
sent two great officers to him, with the message,
       'I wish to trouble you with the charge of all within my
       Master Chuang kept on holding his rod without looking round, and
       'I have heard that in Ku there is a spirit-like tortoise-shell,
the wearer of which died 3000 years ago, and which the king keeps, in
his ancestral temple, in a hamper covered with a cloth. Was it better
for the tortoise to die, and leave its shell to be thus honoured? Or
would it have been better for it to live and keep on dragging its tail
through the mud?'
       The two officers said,
       'It would have been better for it to live and draw its tail
after it over the mud.'
       'Go your ways. I will keep on drawing my tail after me through
the mud.'

Master Hui being a minister of state in Liang, Master Chuang went to
see him. Some one had told Master Hui that Master Chuang was come with
a wish to supersede him in his office, on which he was afraid, and
instituted a search for the stranger all over the kingdom for three
days and three nights. (After this) Master Chuang went and saw him, and
       'There is in the south a bird, called "the Young Phoenix"; do
you know it? Starting from the South Sea, it flies to the Northern;
never resting but on the bignonia, never eating but the fruit of the
melia azederach, and never drinking but from the purest springs. An
owl, which had got a putrid rat, (once), when a phoenix went passing
overhead, looked up to it and gave an angry scream. Do you wish now, in
your possession of the kingdom of Liang, to frighten me with a similar