A Classical Concept about Security

From: JiXian Yang (YJX_OnLine_at_126.com)
Date: 05/21/05

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    Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 23:43:39 +0800

    Extracted from Chuang Tzu
    based on the translation by James Legge (of 1890)

    Master Chuang was walking on a mountain, when he saw a great tree with huge
    branches and luxuriant foliage. A wood-cutter was resting by its side, but
    he would not touch it, and, when asked the reason, said, that it was of no
    use for anything, Master Chuang then said to his disciples,
           'This tree, because its wood is good for nothing, will succeed in
    living out its natural term of years.'
           Having left the mountain, the Master lodged in the house of an old
    friend, who was glad to see him, and ordered his waiting-lad to kill a goose
    and boil it. The lad said,
           'One of our geese can cackle, and the other cannot; Which of them
    shall I kill?'
           The host said,
           'Kill the one that cannot cackle.'
           Next day, his disciples asked Master Chuang, saying,
           'Yesterday the tree on the mountain (you said) would live out its
    years because of the uselessness of its wood, and now our host's goose has
    died because of its want of power (to cackle); Which of these conditions,
    Master, would you prefer to be in?'
           Master Chuang laughed and said,
           '(If I said that) I would prefer to be in a position between being
    fit to be useful and wanting that fitness, that would seem to be the right
    position, but it would not be so, for it would not put me beyond being
    involved in trouble;

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