Re: Another SHA2 implementation

From: Juuso Hukkanen (
Date: 05/01/05

Date: Sun, 01 May 2005 14:36:09 +0300

On 1 May 2005 04:08:07 -0700, "Tom St Denis" <>

>It's called competition.
> Tom

Exactly , had Oliver shown results better yoursm magically
LibTomCrypt's next version had had a turboed SHA2's. Also Olivers
version might end up in the hands of someone who can make it faster
than yours. Also LibTomCrypt is You, and too much power influence
should newer be put on the hands of anyone, who knows there might be a
pistol on your forehead right now insisting code 'corrections'. That
is also part of the why.

I have known a long time that cause I want to make an impact I will
need the LibTomCrypt. Two years ago I went through all the public
domain / BSD crypto library collections and I find your library to be
the best. Back then I was leading a net project like Skype - until the
high management decided that Skype is a bad idea or something :D - t3d
is not worse idea, it will make an impact.

Juuso Hukkanen

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