Re: Another SHA2 implementation

From: Tom St Denis (
Date: 05/01/05

Date: 1 May 2005 04:08:07 -0700

Juuso Hukkanen wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> Ok, this is perhaps one of those things that can only be seen from
> other side of the world. So let roll the boll....
> Have You ever heard about Libjuusocrypt

Ok I'll take from this you think that I think that my crypto library
should be the only one out there...You're wrong.

All I'm saying is if you want to make an impact you're going to have
something of an edge on LibTomCrypt.

That all aside, I think it's a good learning experience to code it
regardless. So I'm not saying "don't code crypto for thy god
libtomcrypt exists!" I'm saying "If you want users you must solve
problems better than libtomcrypt" ;-)

It's called competition.


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