Re: Surrogate factoring, mapping, hyperbolas
Date: 04/23/05

Date: 22 Apr 2005 15:35:59 -0700

Mathematics is very rigid in that what is true is true.


Wishing and hoping don't mean a thing as to whether or not something is

mathematically true, and neither does making people happy.


As for my sense of morality, I'm driven by the need to determine the

Wrong. Your driven by the need to be right, and you rarely are.

I make lots of mistakes, but I deal with people who refuse to
acknowledge that they make mistakes as well, and they paint me as the
bad guy, when they lie.

So the lying accusations go flying round and round, when there is an
answer, from the mathematics.

Blah blah blah.
Broken record.

I always win, as I have from the beginning. Posters lie about that
reality and go on for a while,

If you mean that your goal is to look like an ignorant ass, then you do
win. In every other way, you are #1, the #1 loser on usenet.

I don't like sci.math in many ways, but in quite a few ways, I do own
this newsgroup more than any other person, though I don't try to own
it, and think that Usenet principles should rule.

Usenet is a place for people to discuss things that interest them. It
is true people can post just about anything they want, but the way most
people use it is to post based on the topic of the NG.

 It wasn't created as a place to demonstrate freedom of speech, it was
created for people to communicate with each other. Just because you can
say something doesn't mean you should. That's what you do when you are
part of society.

 Each newsgroup is its own little community. And usually people try and
get along with their community.

All you do is post a bunch of garbage, and accuse people of lying when
they point out that it is indeed garbage.

Most of what you post James is just a bunch of whining about people
lying and picking on you.

If you would post your ideas, then actually pay attention to what
others say in their replys, you'd be much better off. But all you do is
accuse anyone who disagrees with you, or who demonstrates the flaws and
errors in your "math', of lying.