Re: Surrogate factoring, mapping, hyperbolas
Date: 04/23/05

Date: 22 Apr 2005 15:12:28 -0700

Tim Peters wrote:
> [Tim Peters, self-servingly snipping his own post so that it looks
> less insulting than it really was]
> > ...
> > So we have to face the possibility that JSH's best work is already
> > behind him, that it's all downhill from here. The quality of his
> > current arguments in trying to cling to the idea that his SFT is "a
> > major result" sure aren't worthy of the JSH of old, who at least
> > managed to count primes correctly.
> [Nora Baron]
> > This is a serious possibility. If you go back through the archives
> > a few years, you will find that (1) at one time, 1997 and earlier,
> > Harris was actually reasonably polite, even apologetic when some-
> > one corrected his mistakes;
> I have a different working hypothesis for that: James's sense of
> appears defined by what he can get away with, period. If he can
cheat or
> lie, no problem, he's too special to play by external rules, and his
> manifest destiny justifies "shortcuts".

Actually, it's the opposite.

Mathematics is very rigid in that what is true is true.

Wishing and hoping don't mean a thing as to whether or not something is
mathematically true, and neither does making people happy.

As for my sense of morality, I'm driven by the need to determine the

I make lots of mistakes, but I deal with people who refuse to
acknowledge that they make mistakes as well, and they paint me as the
bad guy, when they lie.

So the lying accusations go flying round and round, when there is an
answer, from the mathematics.

> So he started his Usenet life reasonably civil, but as time went on
> learned (sadly, in part because of vicious abuse directed _at_ him
too) that
> what he did on Usenet had no visible effect on his real life. The
more he
> learned that he could "get away with" being an ass, and in oh-so-many
> the more he acted like an ass, in oh-so-many ways.

Actually, amazingly enough, sci.math has civilized a bit over the
years, as posters were more, vicious in many ways earlier.

Some of the worst offenders have simply burnt out, and not done any
posting that I've noticed, while a few have hung on.

And there have been some newbies who joined in recently, like C. Bond
and yourself.

And I suspect you will burn out soon enough based on your postings, as
you seem to be dimly understanding how this works.

I always win, as I have from the beginning. Posters lie about that
reality and go on for a while, but you seem to be a little more
intelligent, and not interested in merely being a lackey to JSH.

I don't like sci.math in many ways, but in quite a few ways, I do own
this newsgroup more than any other person, though I don't try to own
it, and think that Usenet principles should rule.

Many of you have decided to basically become my shadows, but that's
your choice.

James Harris

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