Re: Vigenere style One time pad?

From: Joe Peschel (
Date: 04/04/05

Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 06:11:52 -0000

"AdderD" <> wrote in

> Make a program that uses techniques to get random data to use for the
> one time pad. Take a random (but larger than X and smaller than Y)
> amount of this data and store it to a pen drive. Then use the random
> data as a one time pad, Vigenere style, to encrypt one file. The true
> size of this one time pad will not be known to anyone who does not have
> access to the file the pad is stored in.

See my post in the "Practical one-time pad variants" thread. Substitute the
Vigenère tableau for the XOR function.


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