Re: Looking for a good program

From: Amamba (
Date: 11/20/04

Date: 20 Nov 2004 12:56:07 -0800

Thanks everyone for replies !

I tried CrossCrypt with Sarah's GUI and it was hanging up op my PC
whenever I tried to copy files from my old TrueCrypt container to CC
container. (Actually, I found some postings suggesting that it wasn't
hanging up but just veeeery slow). Too bad since I liked it. Well, it
required installation, anyway.

I also found DSCrypt to be a very nice little application.
Unfortunately it's not OTFE. I emailed the author trying to convince
him that he must develop an OTFE since he seems to be the only guy
nowadays who still knows that size matters. Anyway, if you are looking
for a very small and feature-packed no-install enryptor that is not
OTF than DSCrypt is a must ! I keep it on my USB drive for occasional

For now, I'll stick with TrueCrypt on home PC and Private Disk Lite
for "traveller" CDs. TC people plan on adding niceties like keyfile
support + traveller mode some time in the future, so we'll see.