Re: The Mystery of "0x800ccc0d (and all the "0x800ccc0d" variants)

From: DrPostman (Looky_at_mysig.foremail)
Date: 11/18/04

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 22:14:33 GMT

On 18 Nov 2004 07:16:03 -0800, (The_NU42) in
accordance with The Prophecy scribed:

>DrPostman <Looky@mysig.foremail> wrote in message news:<>...
>> Nice meltdown, kook.
>Translation: DrPostman hit a roadblock when he got to High School
>Trigonometry. And it was a roadblock he could never overcome. All
>those course descriptions must have really had his little head
>spinning like a top! Poor little spinning-head simpleton! I'm sure
>there must be some subjects you excel in... I mean, there must be...

Wow, I am so crushed by that. BTW, more caps will make your
point better. That point on your head, that is.

>On more than one occasion, you've revealed your very limited,

What other occasions would that be, kook?

>sub-standard education in the technical arena. But hey, there's still
>time to go back to school to fix that. Look into some of the online
>universities. They help under-educated losers like you pick up the
>pieces of their failed educational history and offer you some real
>hope to repair it.

That didn't seem to help you a bit, now did it?

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