Re: strengthening /dev/urandom

From: Guy Macon (
Date: 08/31/04

Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 10:57:44 -0700

Ernst Lippe <ernstl-at-planet-dot-nl@ignore.this> says...
>On Tue, 31 Aug 2004 09:11:10 -0700, Guy Macon wrote:
>> Ernst Lippe <ernstl-at-planet-dot-nl@ignore.this> says...
>>>Your definition for a TRNG seems far too strict,
>> What should I call a perfectly random source of data when that's what I
>> wish to talk about?
>The term "perfect" seems very suitable, after all most
>crypto terms that contain the word perfect are not very
>practical :)
>Ernst Lippe

Got it. Perfect Random Number Generator = PRNG. Thanks!

(GUY runs for cover as everyone throws things at him...)

Seriously, I find myself to be quite reluctant to call the output of
even the finest Hardware RNGs "True Random." That seems to imply a
perfection that I, as an EE, know does not exist.

Guy Macon <>