Re: Collision in SHA-0

From: Gregory G Rose (
Date: 08/17/04

Date: 16 Aug 2004 22:41:35 -0700

In article <cfrnsc$qt5$>,
Jean-Luc Cooke <> wrote:
>Very interesting. but I have not been able to reproduce this.
>int m1[] = {
>0x313838dd, 0xfc2932c7, 0xc030b717, 0xbafc1bae, 0x6673a8d7, 0x9ddcf416, 0x85d70859, 0x99403db0,
>0x0634add1, 0xc0736004, 0x9558bd1f, 0x21e10982, 0xca94c90b, 0x6aae6e69, 0xcbf61bf1, 0x06b0e615,
>0x2e82d48b, 0x16bdf161, 0xce10bd62, 0xc3c6809d, 0xb6745639, 0xfc0e06c7, 0x6573a914, 0xbef0d753,
>0x537b8755, 0x497b92e8, 0x46f559c2, 0x7d7a347a, 0x0511d8b1, 0x98ebeb68, 0xc9ca4559, 0xeb10e037
>int m2[] = {
>0x313838dd, 0xfc2932c7, 0xc030b717, 0xbafc1bae, 0xe673a8d7, 0x9ddcf416, 0x85d70859, 0x99403db0,
>0x0634add1, 0xc0736004, 0x9558bd1f, 0x21e18982, 0xca94c90b, 0x6aae6e69, 0x4bf61bf1, 0x06b0e615,
>0x2e82d48b, 0x16bdf161, 0xce10bd62, 0xc3c6809d, 0x36745639, 0xfc0e06c7, 0x6573a914, 0xbef0d753,
>0x537b8755, 0x497b92e8, 0x46f559c2, 0x7d79b47a, 0x0511d8b1, 0x98ebeb68, 0x49ca4559, 0xeb10e037
>fwrite(m1, 1, sizeof(m1), fout1);
>fwrite(m2, 1, sizeof(m2), fout2);
>Any glaring mistakes?

No, the glaring mistake is not yours. But
apparently the team believed Applied
Cryptography's description of MD5, and got the
byte ordering wrong. Nevertheless, the result
apparently holds if you byte-swap all the words. I
met Xuejia Lai (who I know was him, I've met him
before) and (I think... it was dark, and I'm
inebriated) Ms Xiaoyun Wang tonight. If you take
their formula and apply it to the correct starting
vector you should have MD5 collisions soon.

It seems to me that one consequence of this is
that certificates with MD5 should be believed
*only* if they are dated before today.


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