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From: Paul Schlyter (
Date: 07/19/04

Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 11:44:35 GMT

In article <cdg03r$ig$07$>,
Mok-Kong Shen <> wrote:
>The news
>says that a 1000-processor system has been made to simulate
>the brain.

No it doesn't. It says that it is "designed to imitate the
architecture of the human brain" and that it is "reportedly
the first neural system whose complexity competes with that
of the mammalian brain". A quite significant difference.

>It claims to realize 20 billion neurons and 20
>trillion connections. Given that the brain is estimated to have
>about 100 billion neurons (i.e. only 5 times more), this sounds
>certainly very impressive. I have a presumably very dumb question
>related to programming: How could one run an extremely huge
>network of 20 trillion connections 'practically' (i.e. with good
>efficiency) on a system having only 1000 processors? (Intuitively
>that seems to me to be very hard.)

Why don't you contact the authors of that article to find out?
They should know. In addition, neural nets are most likely off
topic here in sci.crypt.

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