how shd i improve upon this algorithm(ne suggestions)

From: Ankur Taly (
Date: 07/16/04

Date: 16 Jul 2004 03:24:21 -0700

Hi all

I am just afirst year student at Indian Institute of technology(IIT)
Bombay.So i dont have much knowledge abt this subject.
I have thought of a new algorithm for encryption .Could u tell me its
pros and cons.ALso if u have some suggestions so as to improve its
security and efficiency please tell me.

the following algo can be used only to encrypt ascii characters.
There are 256 ascii charcters.Now we choose any random permutation of
nos 0....255.We use this to asssign a new index to ebery charcter.
This permutation forms the KEY.
Thus now every char has n asciii and an index.BIth ascii and index are
>= 0 and <=255.

Consider pairs of nos.Now we see that if we consider modulo16 we can
divide the entire set of natural nos into 16 groups.Thus if we
consider pairs of nos we can divide the set into 16*16 distinct
So groups will be like

we assign one group to every index.
Take any index i.If it leves a quotient q and a remainder r when
divided by 16 then the group assigned to it will be (q mod16,r mod16).

So to encrypt a char 'x' we first find its ascii,then index and then
the group .Pick a random no from this group.For eg a random no from
the group (5mod16,4mod16) is (37,68).
Also our groups are restricted such that both nos in the group must be
less than 255.
Next the pair is replaed by two charcters first havin index same as
the first no in random pair(37,68 in the above eg),second havin index
same as the second no in the pair.
Now we encrypt a character by this pair of characters.For eg if the
random no generated is 37,68 and the char with index 37 is $ and that
with 68 is F then the pair of charactes is $F
So encrypt this x we send $F.

now each time since the random no pair generated for the same charcter
would be different ,the pair of charcters would also be diff and hence
repeated ocurences of the same character would be encrypted by diff
pairs of charcters.

This would take care of the Statistical method of decryption.Also the
key has a variety of 256!(factorial)

I welcome any suggestions on this algorithm

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