Re: Revocation of a Ph.D

From: Tom St Denis (
Date: 07/15/04

Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 20:26:02 GMT

Matthijs Hebly wrote:

> Matthew Skala wrote:
>> In article <5PVIc.133334$>,
>> Matthijs Hebly <> wrote:
>>>everyone be against you? We all want the same: knowing about ways to
>>>factor huge numbers quickly. Nobody, I repeat, *nobody*, would want to
>>>hide this, if a way would exist.
>> Well... assuming I'm a basically sneaky person or agency, the ideal
>> situation would be if I could do large-number factoring and I could be
>> sure
>> nobody else could do it. Then I could read everyone's messages with
>> impunity.
> Immediately after posting, I realized this, of course. Some criminal,
> _or_ some intelligence agency, would not disclose knowledge of the
> ability to factor huge composites. But I guess everybody else here
> would. At least I would if I could, and I sure hope anybody else would.
> I can *not* think of any reason why a true mathematician would hide this
> knowledge. So James' postings are really truly paranoic, IMHO.

Step 1. Factor RSA challenges.
Step 2. Get rich.
Step 3. Publish your method.
Step 4. Profit!